DWI Lawyer in WNY

DWI attorney and lawyers buffalo ny

Through our experience, we have found that a Western New York or Buffalo DWI arrest can occur to most members of society from all levels of socio-economic background. Most people do not realize the minuscule amount of alcohol it takes to raise one's blood alcohol content over the legal limit, and how long it takes the body to metabolize that alcohol. One can be driving perfectly normal, get struck through no fault of their own, and still end up being arrested for DWI. Hence, we find that many of our clients have had no other criminal involvement in their lives before this first DWI arrest. This is especially terrifying for these clients.


With a DWI arrest, one needs to act fast. On most occasions at the first court appearance the court will suspend your driving privileges. That means you will have no means to get to and from work, school, doctor's appointment's, etc. By quickly reaching out to an attorney, we can attempt to find ways around this problem and get you a temporary license for work purposes.


Through our years of experience with Western New York and Buffalo DWI arrests, we intimately know the process, how courts respond, and how to get your license back both quickly and cost effectively. Each of the many judges in the Western New York area have unique requirements, and we are familiar with these requirements. We will work with you from the day after your arrest until your license is fully reinstated by the DMV.

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