DMW Issues & Hearings Lawyer in WNY

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For the uninitiated, the DMV can be a nightmare to work with. Through our years of experience with Western New York and Buffalo DWI arrests, we have learned to think like the DMV thinks. We understand the current regulations regarding license suspensions, revocations, and re- licensing factors. We have established means of quickly getting through to representatives of the DMV to quickly resolve re-licensing issues for especially intricate DWI issues. We have appeared at hundreds of hearings as a result of our clients refusing to take the Breathalyzer Test and intimately know the personnel and processes involved in the same. We also understand the issues involved with having an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle and how to avoid this expensive and embarrassing punishment. Not only do we understand these issues, but we teach our client these issues so they are not in the dark, blindly trusting their attorney to do the right thing.

However, there are many other dealings with the DMV other than DWI issues. If you have been caught driving on a suspended or revoked license and have been arrested for Aggravated Unlicensed Operations, we can teach you how to fix the issues which have led to your suspension/revocation, and to appropriately mitigate any legal implications.


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